Sugar Smart Challenge – WEEKS 8 & 9


Task: During your weekly shop talk photos of three kids’ products that surprised you with how much sugar they have.

Sugar Smart Challenge WEEKS 8 and 9

Goal: Start reading labels. Most of us buy products without reading the label and often because the packaging makes the product look healthy and child-friendly.

Oh wow! Over these past 8 weeks my eyes have been opened and I now check the labels all the time. The yogurt I thought was healthy and cereal that was also supposed to be on the healthy wagon both have huge amounts of sugar in them. ¬†again I was limited to my local Costcutter which doesn’t boast with many healthy options but plenty of sugary ones. In all honesty you can’t avoid sugar altogether these days but you can make smarted choices. Read the labels people!

Sugar Smart Challenge WEEKS 8 and 9


Task: Find 3 healthy, low-sugar snacks you and the kids like

Goal: Discover new snacks and recipes.

My first discovery was tucked away on the nut shelf at Costcutter between some almonds and gourmet crisps. They are called Popchips and they’re popped potato chips with very low sugar and fat. They taste delicious which also means that they are quite expensive. I wish healthier options would be more affordable.

The second discovery was some Grabits Chicken Mini Bites. Also low on sugar.

The third discovery was more of an invention. I wanted a sweet snack to munch on so I sliced an apple and made apple and peanut butter sandwiches. Yumm yumm!

Overall, I honestly believe that bigger supermarkets have more options regarding sugar free or low sugar products and in a rural place you just have to get inventive and cook or bake from scratch.
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What are your go-to healthy snack ideas?

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