Sugar Smart Challenge – WEEK 7

Oh wow, I’m seriously late with last weeks update. Sorry! Adrian has caught the same viral infection that Oliver had last week and everything else got pushed to the background. In all honesty though, again not one of my favourite challenges, but only because I’m not ┬ábreakfast person. This week we had to write down our low-sugar breakfast choices.

Sugar Smart Challenge WEEK 7

Task: To eat low-sugar real fast on as many days as you can.

Goal:┬áBreakfast are often a sugar-dangerous moment. As our bodies need food, we want a quick fix and social habits mean we eat high-sugar breakfasts. So, the goal is to find easy and nice tasting breakfasts that don’t create those sugar highs and crashes– but do keep you and the kids fighting fit.

With a husband who rarely wakes before nine, two toddlers who seem to hate any and all food and myself, an offer addict who often simply has no motivation to eat breakfast, this week’s been a challenge. I always try to serve the kids something they would actually eat but it’s often in vain, and I prefer drinking coffee to eating before noon. I did make an effort this week and actually found a dish I absolutely adore.

Sugar Smart Challenge WEEK 7

I had a carton of almond milk to use and I wanted to make porridge. I didn’t fancy overnight oats…yukk to the glue-like consistency, so I was striving to find a warm breakfast porridge recipe. THIS amazing recipe calls for spices to be toasted with the oats before topping it with almond milk and berries. It’s simply amazing even if it takes a bit of effort to make. Well worth it.

Sugar Smart Challenge WEEK 7

Did I meet the goal this week? I sure did. It’s not hard to ditch the sugar during breakfast as you can simply cook a savoury breakfast, one that I prefer anyway.I’m not one for cereal anyway and there are simply so many nice, healthy options out there. Loads of recipes can be cooked ahead of time. Think breakfast muffins, breakfast burritos and other easy fix breakfasts. Why not make a large batch of fluffy pancakes, sans sugar of course, and freeze. Then, when you have a hankering for pancakes simply pop a few of those bad boys in the toaster and you’ll have a tasty breakfast in minutes.

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What are your go-to healthy breakfast recipes?

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