Featured Image Sugar Smart Challenge WEEK 4

Sugar Smart Challenge – WEEK 4

The previous week has flown by and I can honestly say that it has been one of the more productive weeks of this challenge so far.

Sugar Smart Challenge WEEK 4

The task was simple. Collect and share ideas from friends.  Whilst my friend pool in the UK is slightly lacking – yes, I’m a loner. I do have numerous friends back home and some of them are actually very health conscious. For this task I talked to my parents, some of my mommy friends and of course, my best friend Carmen.

Carmen is a good example of someone who actively strives to a healthier life. She works out, hydrates and most importantly she knows what she puts in her mout i.e. She reads the product labels. For as long as I can remember Carmen has experimented with different ways on how to reduce sugar in our daily lives. She also brings up a good point about not being in control when you choose to eat out. Something, that’s not a big issue here in the UK for myself as we don’t go out often. However, she lives in Tallinn and the Old Town is as tempting as they get restaurant wise.

Here are some of Carmen’s tips on how to reduce sugar intake in our daily lives:

1. Instead of stirring sugar into your coffee, porridge etc. Experiment with different flavours such as cinnamon, honey, stevia etc.

2. Whilst Stevia is a rather acquired taste you can use it in moderation and you’ll hardy notice it.

3. Re-invent some of your guilty pleasures i.e. Make your own ice cream,bake sugar free brownies etc.

Cutting sugar out of your life completely is almost impossible nowadays but it is possible to be more mindful of what we eat and limit the sugar intake.

Benefits of reducing sugar in your diet:

1. You save money. Skip the sweet treats, that tempting doughnut or a cup of coffee at the cafe. Bring your own snacks e.g. Nuts, homemade granola, sugar free bakes.

2.  Weight Loss. Yes, that’s right, it will help you loose a few kilograms.

3. Clearer skin I’ve always had skin problems but limiting sugar in your diet will definitely help with that

4. More energy. Most days i feel like a sloth dragging myself from task to task, counting the hours til bedtime. Sugar actually doesn’t help you with the lack of energy, in the end you’re better off detoxing from sugar and your energy levels will return as well

5. Stronger willpower. How good does it make you feel when you accomplish something The longer you do this the more you’ll want to succeed.

These were just a few benefits and they’re definitely enough to keep myself motivated and help me keep my family on track with this challenge as well.

sugar smart challenge week 4

Week 4 was all about getting advice and I love that different people have a different take on being Sugar Smart. There’s no right or wrong way to approach this. That being said, I’m off to bake some sugar free brownies to enjoy alongside my sugar free tea.

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