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Sugar Smart Challenge – WEEK 3

It’s the end of Sugar Smart Challenge -WEEK 3 and this week we were tasked to see if we could switch some of our regular grocery options for reduced sugar ones. This was a challenge I was excited to do as it prompted me to be more vigilant about the amount of sugar in the food I feed my family.

Sugar Smart Challenge WEEK 3

WEEK 3 Task:

This week you’re going to buy at least 5 alternative versions of your normal foods.


Trying low or no sugar alternatives to your usual favourites and find a long-term replacement.


One thing I learned this week was the fact that smaller village shops aren’t great for sugar free/reduced sugar options. I chose three products from the store and I already had a few more items at home. From the shop I got a yogurt drink, almond milk and baked beans.at home I had ketchup and Diet Coke .

The best product by far was a Heinz Baked beans. The label boasted reduced sugar and salt content and it really delivered on the flavour front. This was followed closely by the Ketchup. It got a big thumbs up from my son Oliver and it will be among the items we will continue to use even when this challenge is over.

The almond milk is a nice alternative to sugary milk drinks but it’s not something I would normally buy anyway. The yogurt drink I got had a misleading label. It claimed it had reduced sugar in it but the sugar content was still quite high for such a small bottle. the Diet Coke was a big disappointment but I already knew that anyway. Not a big loss, though, as we don’t really drink Coke at home anyway.

This was a great challenge and I recommend trying it out for yourself. Try switching a product at a time and you might notice that you won’t want to go back to using the full sugar versions.

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