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Sugar Smart Challenge – WEEK 2

It’s almost end of week 2 and I admit I haven’t tackled the challenge yet. Mostly because since my kids are so small I see no point in telling them how much sugar there is in coca cola- a drink I never let them have anyway. So, the challenge falls on me. There’s no way I will be able to get Adrian to go along with it either but that’s more down to scheduling. The time I have free to do this experiment is when he’s the busiest.

Sugar Smart Challenge WEEK 2

WEEK 1 results:

Alright, let’s backpedal a little bit and discuss the first week. ¬†The challenge was to keep track of your sugar consumption and I wasn’t very surprised with the results. I already know that we eat quite a bit of sugar in our house. Mostly sweets but thankfully fruits as well. The biggest ticker was my coffee and my sons juice/squash. I know for a fact that I can easily substitute the white sugar in my coffee for a small amount of honey but when I’m making my first cup of coffee I’m in my morning-zombie state and I operate on autopilot and adding a spoon full of sugar into my coffee is a natural way of doing things for me. And then later I’m mostly multitasking while making additional coffees and so it goes. Oh well! On the other hand you’d think I could train my son to simply drink water…yeah, I don’t think so, unless I want WW3 in my house. He’s a very strong willed 3 year old and honestly, i choose to just go along with it. All I do is add the smallest amount of squash and then fill his cup with filtered water and he’s happy. It’s important to him that he sees me pouring from the juice bottle.

Adrian’s ticks came mostly from processed foods, he loves his pizza. He often works very late hours and he tends to snack a lot. I know for a fact that he wants to be healthier so I’m hoping that this challenge will help put things in perspective for him.

WEEK 2 task:

This week we will be making the world’s most disgusting drink and the world’s most delightful (low sugar) drink.


We want to see how much sugar is in fizzy drinks, and to see that low-sugar drinks can be gorgeous.

Whilst I can’t get my kids involved I will be mixing the drinks for myself. I do remember from high school science how we determined the sugar amounts in fizzy drinks and it was quite shocking. Obviously it doesn’t stop me from indulging from time to time. I remember being pregnant and really craving Pepsi. Not the best choice in drinks but everybody knows not to mess with a pregnant woman’s cravings.

I finally managed to find some time to sit down and film the video for the group. I had previously watched a few of the other videos and I was really impressed. Now I wish my kids were a bit older. It was a bit lonely doing it all by ¬†myself. I can honestly say that I didn’t enjoy this task at all. Drinking sugar water is yukk. I did end up giving my kids a taste and while Elli wisely decided not to go back for seconds- she started crying- Oliver was all too happy sucking down sugar water. I think he knows the difference between a sweet drink and not so sweet drink but he’s got a sweet tooth so naturally he gravitates towards sugar. I also think that he doesn’t have the reasoning skills to determine that a glass full of sugary drink is perhaps not the best choice out there. And that’s why I’m here. I try to push water as much as possible and if I have to allow squash I put the tiniest of amounts in his cup.

All in all it’s been an ok week. I baked some banana muffins, reducing the sugar from 150 g to 25 g and the kids loved them. I think Oliver had 6 on the first day. We didn’t go crazy with the sugar intake but we weren’t overly vigilant either. I’m excited to commence with next weeks tasks and hopefully our Sugar Smart journey will only get easier for us.

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