Sugar Smart Challenge WEEK 10

Sugar Smart Challenge WEEK 10

Our added sugar free day has not been easy. Let me start off by telling you that going completely added sugar free is not easy and definitely something I won’t be striving towards. Don’t get me wrong, I’m much more aware of what we eat and we’ve made changes but some things are just way too convenient.

Sugar Smart Challenge WEEK 10

For instance, while I could easily make my own bread I wouldn’t be able to activate the yeast with no sugar plus it’s a massive time consumer so nope, sticking with the store brand ( we actually don’t eat that much bread anyway, one loaf a week). The cookie fiasco also showed that I can’t be too harsh with the sugar and instead I could just reduce the number of cookies my kids get ).
Ok, back to Saturday. We started off with some Kefir pancakes In order for this experiment to be fair I used homemade Kefir that I got from my old neighbour (I haven’t stated my batch up again after the move).
The reason why I chose the Kefir pancakes is that the Kefir delivery reminded me of a childhood…heck, even adulthood most treasured breakfast staple at my grandpa’s house. He is pure magic when it comes to baked goods. His pancakes are golden brown, have crisp edges and I never put anything on them because they’re very tasty on their own. His recipe is a secret but I know that he uses soured cream instead of milk. I also know that it’s his take on a Russian recipe for “Oladi”. I’ve been trying out different recipes and using Kefir because what they call soured cream here is not the real deal nor at the necessary consistency. BUT you can play around with Kefir consistency, depending on how any days you let it stand. And you can even make your Kefir soured cream, so that will be my next try.

Anyway, the reason for this story: I tried yet another version of Oladi and failed, miserably. They were limp and just not magical. However, my kids love pancakes. So they were gobbled up pretty quick. Oliver ate so many of them today that he ended up throwing up down the stairs. So, yeah, I had the pleasure of cleaning that up as well…yay! I’m pretty sure it was the combination of pancakes and him running around today that set him off as no one else hasn’t been sick.

For lunch the kids had tuna sandwiches and by sandwiches I mean I scooped canned tuna onto rye bread snacks. Well yay for me because Elli smushed her sandwich down her shirt and Oliver was still only interested in my pancakes. Adrian had a boys night last night and he was nursing a hangover so he didn’t really eat until dinner time and I forgot to have lunch .Yeah, forgot. I do that a lot. I survive on coffee which now is completely sugar free as I’ve been reducing my one spoon full of sugar for the past few weeks 😀 Yay me!

Dinner was the easiest part of today. I had an eggplant to cook, funny looking vegetable. I had to do a bit of research for that as I’ve never neither cooked or eaten an eggplant before. I decided to whip up a Jamaican Jerk marinade for the eggplant and some chicken breast fillets. I didn’t add any brown sugar to the marinade and it turned out pretty decent. As a side I had some roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic infused oil. Funny story, while I was infusing the oil, i took out my PLASTIC sieve and proceeded to pour HOT oil onto it and then wondered why the garlic was still swimming in the oil. In my defence though, Elli was screaming and Oliver was playing a one sided game of 20 questions, so I was distracted.

Sugar Smart Challenge Week 10

For snacks I gave the kids a choice of fruits, though Oliver only likes apples and Elli’s preferred fruit is a tangerine. I snacked on some dried figs. Oh and Elli totally cheated today, which I found out when I saw her munching on something in the conservator so I proceeded to scoop whatever it was out of her mouth with my finger and it was chocolate. The little cheeky monkey has stashed Easter chocolate somewhere and I can’t find it.

So, yeah Saturday was hard and I don’t see myself in completely cutting out sugar from my life but I do like the fact that we’re becoming more aware of our sugar intake so we’re able to adjust it.

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Would you be able to go sugar free for a day?

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