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Sugar Smart Challenge – WEEK 1

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A while ago I applied for a place in the Sugar Smart Challenge conducted by Kallikids. It’s a wonderful site for parents and kids alike and I was interested in participating in order to steer my family towards healthier choices.
When I received the email stating that my family was chosen from hundreds of applicants, I was over the moon. My husband isn’t very health concious and here I was presented with a perfect oportunity to make him more aware. Same goes for my youngest son, who is constantly spoiled with sugary sweets at grandma’s house.

Sugar Smart Challenge WEEK 1

I admit, I haven’t always made the healthier choices either. I love baking and unfortunately all the really tasty recipes consist tons of sugar, or so I thought. I’m excited to challenge myself to be Sugar Smart, to try out new recipes with reduced sugar and to generally read the labels on products I regularly get from the supermarket.
The way the challenge is set up is simple. Each family receives a challenge every week and must post photos and videos detailing their experiences. We will also receive a sugar free hamper, which I’m especially excited about, and that will give us a chance to sample sugar free products. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of comfort. I’m comfortable with my regular shopping list and rarely stray from it. But what if I knew better, what if I was aware of some better options. That’s what I hope to achieve with the hamper. It’s easier to be pointed out what the healthier options are rather than going through the trouble of finding them yourself. Yup, I’m lazy like that. Don’t judge 🙂 I promise I will learn and take away some much needed knowledge and sugar smarts.


Task: This week we are simply counting. I pinned the chart on my fridge and for every sugary item I write an “X”.

Goal: This week is about measuring my family’s normal habits and to get everybody i.e. myself and my husband to read the ingredient lists.

I will give my feedback on week on in the next post where I will also detail out Week 2. challenge.


The hamper arrived this morning and the kids and I had lots of fun exploring what we were sent. I was pleasantly surprised by the selection and I’m looking forward to trying everything out 😀


My daughter is 16 months old and really likes fruit pouches. When I’ve got time I tend to make my own concoctions and I use reusable pouches, but more often than not I’m forced to buy from the store. While you might be thinking that all baby pouches are equally healthy, it isn’t necessarily true and it’s nice to see some healthier options on the shelves.

Hey Like Wow

Hey Like Wow promises to only ever provide you with a healthy, vitamin-enriched, and sugar and preservative free, soft drink.

I’m especially excited for this because whilst I like water, I prefer it flavored. The flavors to try are: hibiscus, grape and pear; mango lime and coconut.

Jim Jams

Jim Jams provides a full range of spreads including their delicious Great Taste Award Winning Chocolate Spreads.

Little Dish Pop Pops

NEW Little Dish Pop Pops are delicious savoury snacks made with 40% chickpeas.

I can tell that these are going to be a hit in our house. I love chickpeas and my kids love savoury snacks. The flavours include original, tomato, sweet red pepper and cheese.

Mr. Lee’s Noodles

Mr Lee’s is an award-winning, healthy, instant cup noodle with nutritious freeze-dried ingredients and absolutely no nasties, perfect for busy parents!

I love noodles, I love instant noodles…need I say more. Flavours include: Penang Chicken Curry Laksa, Shaolin Monk Vegetables, Tai Chi Chicken and Hong Kong Street Beef.

Nurture Fruity Water

Nurture Fruity Water+ has been created to support children’s immunity and help busy, on-the-go families stay healthy.

Oliver wasn’t overly keen on this but Elli seems to be enjoying it just fine.


Real Good Tomato Ketchup

Real Good Tomato Ketchup is 100% plant-based – made with delicious Mediterranean tomatoes, without any refined sugar and has 70% less salt than other regular ketchups.

My son is a very picky eater, however, he will always have ketchup with whatever he’s eating. He borderline smothers his food in it. This will be used, and enjoyed in our house.

Stute Jam

Stute Foods’ extensive range of ‘No Sugar Added’ Jam and Marmelade offers a healthier alternative to ordinary jam, containing 90% less sugar and 30% less calories.

I like making my own jam, the issue with home-made jam is the amount of sugar needed to create the jam-like consistency. Looking forward to trying it out on my morning toast.

Sweet Freedom Choc Pot

Sweet Freedom’s CHOC POT is a NEW ‘better for you chocolate spread that’s free from refined sugar


Tweeteas are all natural with no added sugar or additives and contain no tannin or caffeine but with  a natural sweetness that children of all ages love.

Organic Synergy Ball Mix

Energy snacks with the natural benefits of Irish Atlantic Seaweed.

It is clear that a lot of thought has gone into compiling this hamper and it’s a great range of products that will all be used and most likely loved.

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  1. Oooh I’ve been using that ketchup,it’s really good! I’m refined sugar free 100% this year and last year I massively cut down 🙂 Good luck!

    1. SirleyYoung

      We’re out of the ketchup now and I’m goin to keep on buying it. It’s delicious. I’ve also replaced the Jim Jams Hazelnut spread. It tastes exactly like Nutella without the guilt you get from all of that sugar 🙂

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