May Prize Unboxing
Prize Unboxing

Prize Unboxing: May

Welcome back to my prize unboxing for May. This past month has been extremely successful and I’ve actually won something that has been on the top of my crafting wishlist for YEARS….yup, something that almost never ever comes up as a prize. Obviously it didn’t happen without drama and some negativity which I will tell you about in a minute.

I’ve been comping approximately for a year now and in most part people are curious, and supportive and sometimes in awe. A week ago I experienced my first bit of negativity and I’d like to say it didn’t affect me but I’d be lying. I was in shock.

May Prize Unboxing

Here’s what happened:

A craft store held a giveaway for a Silhouette Cameo 3 and a Stitch Happy sewing machine and all you had to do was join their mailing list. Once you entered your e-mail you were directed to a landing page with a personalised reference link to ask your friends to sign up as well. For every referral through your code you received 10 points and if you were at the top of the list by the end of the giveaway you won the Silhouette.

Now, let me tell you something, I’ve wanted this machine for years, ever since Silhouette first came out and I was in the process of saving up for it and Craftelier currently has the BEST deal in the UK for this. So when I saw that giveaway I immediately jumped into action. I started going through my friend list one by one asking people to sign up. I explained the situation and the giveaway and I asked nicely. Then I asked my friends to pass on my referral link to their friends and ask them to help me. After that one of my friends made a Facebook post about me and that got shared quite a bit. I also did an Instagram promotion and a giveaway on my blog (let me just note that in the giveaway it wasn’t compulsory to use my referral link, you could have done any other gleam option and were still entered into the giveaway. Altogether 288 people took part and only about 30 people used the link).

As you can probably tell I did a lot. I wanted the machine and I was working my butt off to ensure I stayed at the top of the leader-board. When I started the nr. 1 spot had 22 points and when I finished I was at the top with more than 1700 points.

When the giveaway ended and I was waiting to hear if I had won or not someone posted on the shops website about me. Claiming that I was a cheater because apparently entering competitions is my JOB….their words, not mine. Let me make something clear. Comping is not my job, it’s a hobby. Sometimes I go days without doing anything and sometimes I don’t win anything. So, there’s no way I could do it as a job. It’s a very time consuming hobby but a fun one. Let me make something else clear….I only enter for prizes I actually want or could use.

While that woman went on a rant in her comments I only responded once. Explaining exactly what my steps to winning were… and had the shop asked for proof that I didn’t cheat I would have provided that too. It’s worth noting that the woman used such horrible words that Craftelier had to call her out on it and she ended up deleting the comment.

In the end I was named as the winner and I’m now a happy owner of the Silhouette Cameo 3. Check out my 1st project video.

Let’s move on.  Inspired by that horrid woman I’m going to try and explain what I use each prize for.

PS4 with Walkers

Walkers Snap & Share promotion was awesome. You had to buy the promotional pack of crisps, snap a selfie and then share it on social media with the relavant hashtag. You could enter 3 times a day and there were a lot of prizes. The top prizes were football tickets, but I wasn’t interested in them. I won a football with them a few months ago and about 10 days before the promotion ended in April I finally won a PS4. This will be stashed away for Christmas.

May Prize Unboxing

Lonely Planet kids travel journal from What Luke Did Next blog

This was either a gleam or raffelcopter win, I can’t quite remember because I had to chase this priz. I’ll be stashing this for when Oliver’s a bit older.

May Prize Unboxing

Stationery bundle from Aumsome blog during National Stationery Week

Oh wow, this was such a cool prize. A Rhodia notebook (If you haven’t owned a Rhodia you need to buy one asap, the paper quality is amazing), a gorgeous ribbon paper clip and two funky paper clips and a roll of washi tape. I love washi tape and I actually own a roll of the same exact washi but mine is running out so this is perfect. I’ll be using the notebook for something, not sure for what yet, but definitely for something. The paperclips have already found a permanent home in my Happy Planner 🙂

May Prize Unboxing

£25 Argos Gift Card with Nudgem’

This was definitely a surprise win. I got a WEM for this one. Nudgem’ is a website that hosts games and the idea is that you have to nudge your player every 24 hours or they will fall asleep and someone can steal your spot. I must have gotten massively lucky because I had forgotten all about that game. I’ve actually already spent this. I bought us a shoe rack and myself a jigsaw. I want to tackle some wood projects in the future.

May Prize Unboxing

Disney Jr Bundle with Disney Jr on Facebook

This is my third win on the Disney Junior tea party on Facebook – a weekly Facebook party with prizes, but my first time winning the main prize. I had to snap a quick picture of this one because it went straight to my kids to be played with. My son is a massive Mickey and the Roadster Racers fan and sleeps with the plush Mickey toy every night.

May Prize Unboxing

Pirate Book with UK Craft Felt on Facebook

It’s a craft magazine for younger kids. Lots of great ideas.

May Prize Unboxing

Alton Towers Family Pass and a Renshaw hamper with Renshaw

This was an absolute dream prize. I’m more excited for the hamper as I bake all of my own birthday cakes for the kids and the rest of the family. It arrived quickly and this year the sky is the limit when it comes to designs.

The Alton Towers tickets are nice too. It’s a one day pass valid until the end of October. However, I’m going to have to specify the terms and conditions on that one as the Virgin Experience Days website claims that children from 4 and upwards are allowed while Alton Towers customer service informed me that they have no age limit. Oliver and Elli are both under 4.

May Prize Unboxing

Tonka Tinys with on Twitter

I love twitter parties. They always have lots of cool prizes for the kids and this time I got some cute little stocking-stuffers to stash away.

May Prize Unboxing

Slide and See Taking Away in the Garden with Toppsta books

Toppsta is one of my favorite websites. It has regular giveaways for books and chances of winning are pretty high. I love reading new books to my kids and this time around we got one that teaches kids some math. It’s really cool actually as it has visual aids.

Cookbook and tote bag from Story HQ on Twitter

I was excited for this cookbook but when I actually received I noticed that all the recipes are quite decadent and not something you’d cook home for everyday dinner. I suppose I misunderstood when I read the title. I might gift this to someone.May Prize Unboxing

Deodorant – a surprise win

This must have been from a web entry because I can’t recall where it’s from. It’s a great product. Instead of aerosol it uses a simple spray and it’s rather refreshing. Keeping this for myself 😀

May Prize Unboxing

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer from Harper Collins UK Facebook

It’s literally been years since I last read a physical book – I own a kindle. This book is massive and it’s signed by Amy. I started reading it immediately and it’s hilarious. She’s funny and very relatable.

May Prize Unboxing

Ribbon Embroidery Kit with Sewandso on Facebook

I will be making this at some  point. I’ve always wanted to try ribbon embroidery.

May Prize Unboxing

It’s been a good month and I still have a few wins that haven’t arrived yet. The negativity I experienced has inspired me to comp even harder 😀 Why should I apologise for my hobby that has given me so many wonderful things.

I also want to apologise for my blurry photography. I’m no expert 😀


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