Planning on a budget
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Planning on a Budget + GIVEAWAY

Having an actual planner is totally in now. It’s so fashionable that the whole planning process has turned into a massive industry, involving not only planners but also stickers, washi tape, stationery etc. If you’re new to planning it can get very overwhelming and you might think that you NEED the latest trend in planners or a massive washi collection to start your planner. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In this post I will share some of my tips for planning on a budget and how to build yourself up to that coveted planner peace πŸ™‚

Planning on a budget


Let me tell you a little story. Years ago I watched a movie called The New York Minute, starring Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – remember them? They used to do loads of movies together. In the movie one of the girls has an A5 ring bound planner. Seeing that planner was the moment I knew I had to have one of my own.

New York Minute screenshot
New York Minute Screenshot

Back then Washi tape hadn’t been invented and no one had planner stickers, but even without the little things planning was fun and I loved the fee l of my planner in my purse. It gave me a sense of accomplishment. Fast forward some years and BOOM, planners are everywhere. You’ve got a massive choice ahead of you. Some of the brands are very pricey, even pricier are hand made planners you can find on Etsy. If you don’t have a massive budget for a planner and you don’t know where to start READ ON!

Planning on a budget

In order to plan all you really need is paper and a pen. It’s that simple. From there on you should make some decisions:

  1. What do you need to plan? Do you need to write out daily tasks or weekly and monthly appointments. Or maybe, even all three. From there you can pretty much see what types of inserts you should have in your planner.
  2. Size matters. Do you want a compact planner or perhaps you’re looking for a bigger planner to keep track of your life. Give yourself an idea of what you need to write down. For instance, I currently own a Classic Happy Planner but I’m hoping to get the XL one as my son is starting school this September and I need more room in my planner. I personally like to keep everything in one planner.
  3. Type of planner. What appeals to you the most? A ring bound planner, traveler’s notebook, disc bound planner or even a hardbound notebook?

Once you’ve determined what it is you’re looking for in a planner you will have a clearer idea of which planners to start out with.

HOLD UP! “But this post is supposed to be about planning on a budget?” Yes, you’re absolutely right, it i. So let me give you some pointers.

As planning is becoming more and more popular stores are catching on. You can find little treasures in the most unexpected places. For instance, did you know that Wilko sells planners? They are adorable and super cheap. Poundworld has a cute set of sticky notes and even shops like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda are now stocking planner supplies.

TOP TIP! Check out supermarkets when it’s time to do some back to school shopping!

The whole idea behind planning on a budget is to have a clear idea in your mind about your planner needs and from there on identifying your potential planner. That way you don’t go along with the latest fashion and then realise that you’ve spent Β£50+ on a planner that doesn’t bring you joy.

As I mentioned above I started off with a ring bound binder, that I actually used for years before I found Bullet Journaling. I couldn’t keep up with my bujo as I lack free time to draw out my pages. From a bullet journal I moved back into a ring bound binder (my cheap-ish Kikki K from eBay) and from there I saved up some money and got myself a Happy Planner. Now I’m happily in my Happy Planner…heheee, and I add pages to it for my collections (Bujo style).

Planning on a budget

Planning on a budget

If you want to learn more about a bullet journal check out the original webpage HERE!

5 Reasons everybody should own a planner!

  • Writing tasks down keeps you accountable.
  • Nothing is more satisfying than ticking off that task on your task list.
  • Sense of accomplishment.
  • Time management will be more efficient.
  • It’s plain fun!

Planning on a budget

I love my planning time and I’ve built up a good stash of planner supplies over the years. And now I have my Silhouettte Cameo which makes cutting my own stickers so much easier! If you’d like to try out having a planner enter my Gleam giveaway below. I’m giving away a bundle of planner goodies that I got on a budget πŸ™‚

Planning on a budget

Planner bundle giveaway

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  1. Tracy Nixon

    We have a wall planner in our kitchen. I have four kids so lots of events/meetings/parties/clubs etc to keep track of!

  2. Chris S

    My daughter (28) loves to use a planner. She is a very busy PA and relies on it because she isn’t always able to access her online calendar.

  3. Jules Eley

    I don’t but I need one with 4 kids πŸ™‚

  4. Solange

    Yes, I own a planner. I use it mainly for shopping lists.

  5. Sarah Mackay

    I do own a planner it is a life saver.

  6. Harline parkin

    I don’t but it would be really useful I work two jobs and it would be great to keep track of my hours on one of my jobs instead of a bit of paper

  7. Chris Andrews

    Do you own a planner? . . . . no not yet unless you count post-its sprinkled liberally about the house

  8. Matthew Warman

    I don’t own a planner but this looks like a good way to organise everything!

  9. Maria Blythin

    i dont have a planner but i do use a diary x

  10. Susan Smith

    No i dont own a planner, i tend to scribble everything down on a calendar, gets a bit messy at times, and i do tend to overlook things, never rally thought of a proper planner

  11. Laura Pritchard

    No, I rely on Outlook calendar at work & on a paper calendar at home!

  12. fiona waterworth

    used to have one, but not at the moment

  13. Lynn Heath

    I make notes on the kitchen tiles with a whiteboard marker! I really need a decent planner!!!

  14. Alica

    No, sadly I don’t own a planner but I now want one! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the chance x

  15. Kim Styles

    No I dont but I need one for work

  16. pete c

    not presently but have in the past

  17. dawn f

    i have a meal planner, its so handy having a larger family to keep on top of things

  18. Danielle Spencer

    I own a diary and have a whiteboard in the kitchen but don’t currently own a planner, but would absolutely love one.

  19. Suzanne Jackson

    I used to and kinda miss it – i currently use google calendar


    No but maybe I should ! Every bit of organisation helps !

  21. Becky Yeomans

    No I haven’t

  22. Joanne Greer

    No, but I’ve been meaning to get one for a while now.

  23. Lisa Parker

    Alas, I don’t own a planner x

  24. Tammy Tudor

    I have a diary but would love a planner. I love lists and planning it really does make me feel good

  25. Rie Tetley

    I don’t own a planner but used to when I was younger & it was very helpful!

  26. rebecca h

    I don’t have a specific planner but I do have a couple of prized notebooks! My husband thinks I’m quite mad the amount of lists I make! Perhaps a specific planner would be more helpful!

  27. Diane Wareing

    Every year I say I’m going to get a planner. Then hope someone actually gets me one for Christmas or birthday – then they don’t !
    I’m sure my life would be much easier with one as I forget everything.

  28. Vicki D

    I always use a planner to keep track of everything. My current planner has seen better days so I really need a new one.

  29. Sue Dorking

    Have a notebook I use as a planner but would love to own a better planner where I could keep track of more!

  30. aj

    Not at the moment but I have done in the past

  31. Rachel Butler

    I love lists!!!! It’s like my favourite thing to do….I list everything…

    I don’t own a planner, I just have a diary. I would love a really pretty super functional planner, that would be amazing xo

  32. Jamie Edwards

    I have a little pocket diary I keep in my handbag but not a proper planner!

  33. jo liddement

    I have a calender but a planner looks more organised which is what i need

  34. Sarah Carter

    No I dont have a planner lord knows I should

  35. I own a Happy Planner, a Filofax Pennybridge and I ordered a Glitterdori which should be arriving soon. πŸ˜€

  36. Rai

    No. But I’ve always loved all things stationery, and since finishing my degree with the OU two years ago (lol all done meticulously by hand obviously), I desperately need something to fill that stationery loving gap. Thanks

  37. Lisa Wilkinson

    No but I really need one

  38. Louise King


  39. ValB

    As well as a month by month calendar I use a weekly planning sheet

  40. Marianna

    I own several planners – I’m an addict!

  41. Stephanie keill

    I don’t have a planner but I’d love one

  42. Gemma Cook

    I don’t own a planner but with 4 children under 6, it would be most useful x

  43. Yes!! I can’t live without my planner and I am slightly addicted to them

  44. ashleigh allan

    No but i need one!

  45. claire griffiths

    yes i do couldnt be without it

  46. Karen Barrett

    A diary cum planner plus I have a notebook in the kitchen and post it notes by every phone

  47. Ruth Harwood

    not at the mo, but I do really need one!!

  48. Alison Johnson

    I don’t have a planner just a lot of notebooks!

  49. Anthea Holloway

    No, I haven’t got a planner but I think that it would be a good idea to have one so that I know what I am doing!

  50. janine atkin

    i do own a planner. i need to plan- constantly!

  51. Niki Marie Wardle

    No planner here, I live in chaos!! And it totally doesn’t work! I have 3 kids and a constant supply of school letters with dates that I always misplace, I could use this in my life so much lol

  52. Adrian Bold

    I don’t have a planner, but I do use word / excel for lists and budgeting etc.

  53. Natalie Crossan

    Yes and I plan all the time!!

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