How not to be an ass

How not to be an ass on the marketplace

I’m not talking about your local farmers market , I’m mostly talking about Facebook selling groups and marketplace. If you want to know how NOT to be a complete ass read on. I will tell you all about it.

How not to be an ass

I’m a stay at home mom and I have a little side hustle, I sell my kids clothes and other bits and bobs on eBay and the local selling groups on Facebook. I actually prefer the local groups as I like for people to have the opportunity to inspect the goods they’re purchasing.

Couple of weeks ago I listed a rather pricey item on several local groups as well as Facebook marketplace and the hits varied from complete jokesters, including one really offensive dude, to one decent offer. Naturally I went with the best offer. So, ¬†one missed appointment to pick up said goods later I found out that she was actually contacting me on behalf of her friend who couldn’t find my listing. Ok, no problem, I continued to deal with her friend from then onwards. Fast forward a WEEK, yes, you read that right a whole week and 10 missed appointments with a vast array of excuses I had had enough.

You might think why I was being impatient but come on… your patience would be tested as well when you have to chase down a person who isn’t polite enough to send you a short message saying that they can’t come.

Whilst, I don’t work my time is still valuable to me and I even pushed my kids’ bedtime a few times so I could be available for her. I’m completely respectful of the fact that people do have things that pop up unexpectedly however, be a DECENT FUCKING HUMAN BEING and let me know. Don’t assume it’s ok to just not show when I’m waiting for you.

Here you have some tips on HOW NOT TO BE AN ASS ON THE MARKETPLACE:

  1. Don’t be rude!!! Don’t contact someone to just troll them on the internet. That’s what happened to me, some guy (presumably someone local) contacted me just to send me very offensive messages. Absolutely disgusting.
  2. If you make an appointment to pick something up… actually show up. If you can’t then let the person know at least 30 minutes beforehand. They might be waiting for you specifically.
  3. Don’t say you want something and then stop answering when you change your mind. I never get pissed off when people suddenly decide that they don’t want to buy. It’s fine! What’s not fine is when people just disappear and I don’t know if I should continue selling it to someone else.

The conclusion to my story was simple. Yesterday someone contacted me, said they were definitely coming today…what happened, they didn’t show, didn’t message so I told them “No Thanks!. Contacted the next person who showed interest, negotiated a new price and surprise, surprise, they showed up. Inspected the goods and paid.


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