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Giant Paper Flower craft with free template

 I’ve been really obsessed with giant paper flowers recently. I think it’s the effect in general that draws me in, They’re majestic and gorgeous and oh so EASY to make. Follow along with some household supplies and make your own with my handy free template.

How to make giant paper flowers

If you look on Pinterest you’ll find tons of ideas how to use these flowers decor wise. I’m looking to make enough for my kitchen window treatment. It’s looking a bit plain right now. But you could incorporate them into backdrops, have them above baby cribs, as mantelpiece decor or whatever else idea you can come up with.



9 x A4 paper (You can practise on copy paper but cardstock is the best option for these really)

Glue gun (if you don’t have a glue gun use tape or regular glue)

Petal template (scroll down for that)

How to make giant paper flowers


  1. Start off by folding  the papers into half.
  2. You’ll be making six petals of each size so for the large teal you’ll need 3 folded papers. Trace the petalonto the paper and cut it out
  3. Repeat the previous step with the medium petals.
  4. For the smal petals you’ll need 3 x A5 size papers,fold those in half again and trace and cut your petals.
  5. You will be left with 3 A5 sized papers. Fold those in half LENGTH WISE and fringe cut the. These will make the centre of the flower.How to make giant paper flowers
  6. Cut slits into the petals and use a glue stick to roll the edge of the petals a little bit to give it some body and curl.
  7. Glue the slits together with your glue gun. Then form a circle with the large petals while gluing them down.
  8. Repeat that process with the medium and small petals.How to make giant paper flowers
  9. Place the medium petal circle in the large petal circle and glue down, do the same for the small petal circle.
  10. For the centre, take one of the fringed papers and with your glue gun ready, start rolling and gluing at the same time. Keep it tight.
  11. Roll the second and third fringed paper around the first one respectively until you have this:How to make giant paper flowers
  12. Place a generous amount of glue at the bottom of the fringed roll and glue it in the centre of the flower.
  13. Fluff out the fringe with your hand.How to make giant paper flowers


How to make giant paper flowers

How simple was that? I’m utterly addicted and all I want to do is make some giant paper flowers. I’m liking into getting some tissue paper as well and trying with that too. So many possibilities with this project 🙂

How to make giant paper flowers

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