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Easy Fathers Day Picture

With Father’s Day fast approaching I’ve been determined to do something really cool for my husband 🙂 He’s an incredible dad and really deserves something special. Obviously I’m going to let the kids scribble Father’s Day cards but I wanted to create something for his office myself. How lucky am I with my Silhouette Cameo 3.

If you’re inexperienced with it like I am check out the Silhouette Design store for cool files. If you like Pinterest use that as a resource. I went with Pinterest and found a great freebie HERE.

This is a simple craft and you don’t have to have a cutting machine to create a stencil. You could freehand it if you’re confident enough. I just like to cut whenever and whatever possible. Oliver helped me choose a cool font and all I did was cut the letters out on vinyl.  You can either use the letters themselves as stencils or the space around them, completely up to you.

Father's Day picture

If you’ve read my other craft posts you’ll know that I’m all for using supplies I already have at home. This time around I remembered I had some old photo frames and a paint sample from Wilko’s. I painted the frame white and took the picture out of the frame.

I then used some Oracal 651 vinyl to make a sign for the frame. At the beginning I thought about painting around it but I liked the black and white effect too much so I decided to leave it as is.

Father's Day picture

I can’t wait to surprise Adrian with this. What are your plans for Father’s Day?


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