How to earn money with survey sites

How I earn money on survey sites

Being a full time mum means that I don’t bring home a steady income and so I take part in surveys to earn a little extra cash to treat myself with. I used to think that survey sites were a scam but I was wrong. So far I’ve joined a few and I’m already seeing results. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy or necessarily fast. But if you’ve got a bit of free time then it’s worth the effort.

How to earn money with survey sitesw

I’ll take you through a few of my favorite survey sites and some tips and tricks I’ve learnt in a very short time.


This is a legitimate research study site where university professors and students post studies. The trick is to fill out all of the prescreening questions and to check the site regularly as studies go very fast. It was frustrating at first but I’ve now spent less than an hour doing surveys in the past few days and I’m already up by £13.


This is a bit trickier. You can fill out surveys, join in sweepstakes, watch videos and play games and much more in order to earn Swagbucks or SB (as it’s called). It can get a bit annoying when you get disqualified from surveys often but you can make up for it with other great earners like discovering deals and earning SB for them. I’ll come back to this later.


I absolutely love this site. Mintvine operates on points and for every 1000 points you can get either £5 on Paypal or £13 on Amazon…I know which I’m saving for. Points accumulate very quickly and there’s plenty of surveys. I’ve been on it for less than a week and I’m at 970 points already. I love it!


I also use some bingo sites for their free games and you can join these through Swagbucks in order to earn SB. The key is to NOT ACCEPT the joining bonus when you deposit £10 to play.

Here are the steps:

1.Go to Swagbucks discover site and locate Bingo offers (Virgin Games, Jackpot Joy and Heart Bingo).

2. Click on the link and sign up.

3. Do not accept the £ bonus they offer (otherwise you can’t withdraw your deposited £10 immediately).

4. Deposit £10 and locate the free games. Play!

5. Withdraw the £10

6. Enjoy playing the free games forever and win real cash prizes.

I’ve been doing this for 6 days now and I’ve won about £5. It’s not guaranteed but it’s free 🙂  The deposited money will come back to your account in 4-24h.

For now, these are the only websites that I use, mainly because I don’t have tons of free time but all three seem to be great earners.

There you have it. I actually have a specific goal in mind with the survey sites. I want to earn enough money for a KitchenAid Mixer 🙂 Fingers crossed!


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