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Community Craft – Alphabet blackboard

For the past two years my son Oliver has been attending a local nursery. We don’t have a car so we also don’t have a choice in nurseries or schools. Luckily for us Puddleducks nursery is wonderful. They have managed to get my son talking and he absolutely loves it there. Sadly, in a few weeks time he will be graduating so to speak. I just knew I wanted to do something nice for them as a thank you.  They installed a giant blackboard in the outdoor space a few months ago and when I heard that they were struggling with painting on the alphabet and numbers I immediately volunteered to do it for them in vinyl. A community craft of sorts.

This is what the board looked like BEFORE:

Alphabet blackboard

As you can see on the top left corner, they started painting on the letters. I tried my best to wash the paint off but I couldn’t so I had to attempt to cover it with numbers.

It took me a few hours to do the letters and numbers and altogether I used about £20 worth of vinyl but it was worth it.  The kids loved them and now the blackboard looks absolutely awesome.

Here are the AFTER photos:

Alphabet blackboard

Alphabet blackboard

It was such a fun project to do  🙂 As a thank you the nursery is donating some pallets for me to play around with. So keep your eyes peeled for some pallet projects in the future. I’m aiming to make myself a pallet coffee table in the near future.


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