Book Review: Spark creativity and vocabulary with picture prompts

Oliver has been struggling with his speech. He has the vocabulary but the pronunciation just isn’t there. He gets frustrated when he can’t get his point across and that makes getting him to speak quite difficult at times. We haven’t opted for speech therapy but we do work closely with his nursery to monitor his improvements. Lately there have been quite a few.

Book review

About a month ago I was approached by a woman who had written a book designed to help toddlers with their vocabulary and creativity.  I didn’t think much of it until I actually had a look at the e-book. It’s filled with wonderful picture prompts by different artists in different styles and it comes with a handy guide to parents on how to best use the book.

It begins with simple suggestions for questions which then evolves into helping your toddler with story building and creativity. It’s really wonderful because it shows you a way to really engage your child. I mean, I obviously ask questions from Oliver when we read books but they’re usually just simple ones, like “what colour is the elephant” etc. With this e-book I found so many new ideas and Oliver has really enjoyed these evening sessions we’ve had before bed. He doesn’t tell me long stories but he is clearly interested in the pictures and while I don’t always understand what he is saying, the fact that he is excited about this is an achievement on its own already.

Book review

In a way I wish this book came in printed format as I’m not too keen having my kindle with us during bedtime, however there’s a simple solution to it if you have a printer. I ended up printing out some of the artwork and it was just easier that way.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and will continue to use the picture prompts to get Oliver speaking more. It is fun coming up with stories and there are endless possibilities, which means that this book is a huge bargain as you get so much out if it.

It’s available on Amazon UK

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*Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review, I was, however, sent a reviewers copy of the e-book. My views are my own.

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