prize unboxing
Prize Unboxing

April 2017 Prize Unboxing

Welcome to my first post in my Prize unboxing series, where I share my monthly list of wins (provided that I have received prizes). I’m not great with videos so I chose to photograph my prizes and share a bit of backstory with those photos.

April 2017 Prize Unboxing

I started comping last summer. My first win was with Netmums for a large lasagna making kit It came with a cheese hamper, oven dish, cheese grater and other goodies. This has been my one and only surprise win but it’s a prize that got me hooked.  Over the past months I’ve developed a sort of a routine during day and contrary to my husband’s opinion, I d nt sit on my ass all day long sharing Facebook posts! He’s unbelievable sometimes.

SevenSeventeen candle with Pandas on Twitter

PANDAS is the leading UK charity in supporting families suffering from pre (antenatal) and postnatal illnesses. I’m a mother of two and I’ve been truly blessed so I do try to pay it forward whenever I can. Currently, for example, I’m crocheting little Octopus toys for preemies. Neither of my kids was a preemie but I have a soft spot for little babies 🙂 and I love to crochet- win win 😀

April 2017 Prize Unboxing

Sequaderma with DB Reviews blog.

I love, love, love blog giveaways. Usually the blogger herself has used the product and gives a review, not to mention that blog giveaways are lower entry wise. I also can’t stress enough that this is one of the best ways to find new blogs to follow and read.

In terms of the product…there were 10 winners and everybody got to choose their own product. I chose something for acne prone skin as I’ve struggled with my skin for all of my adult years. It was a  pleasant surprise when I received not one but two of the products. Yay! The jury is still out on the quality. It takes a while for products to have effect. We shall see 😉

April 2017 Prize Unboxing

£25 voucher for John Lewis/Waitrose with Britmums on Twitter

This was a twitter party win

April 2017 Prize Unboxing

Lotus Metal Incense Burner  with Visit Wuxi on Facebook.

I really have to think hard to bring back memories from this prize as it was actually won at the beginning of this year but the promoter ordered the prize from China and it took  a very long time to reach me. I actually didn’t think I would ever get it as the address I gave them at the time was to my old house. I won it for a comment I made.

April 2017 Prize Unboxing

£15 spend at EllieBean Prints with Over 40 and a Mum to One blog.

EllieBean Prints is a lovely printing business that does custom prints as well as quotes, inspirational sayings etc. I chose to order a family print. This was a lovely blog win with Gleam and I’m really looking forward to framing it and hanging it up in my living room.

April 2017 Prize Unboxing

Toddlebike2 with Arepops blog

I’m always extremely happy to win prizes for my kids. I was hoping for a pink Toddlebike but they were out of stock so instead I chose the red one. My daughter loves it, unfortunately, so does my son so on any given day they’re fighting over it…mummy troubles.


Blaze and the Monster Machines Light and Launch Hyperloop with Mudpie Fridays blog

Another great win for my kids, or more specifically my son who is a massive Blaze fan. We’ve had hours of fun launching Blaze all over our living room 🙂

April 2017 Prize Unboxing

Letterbox cake with The Adventures of an Allergy Mummy  blog

I’ve got mixed feelings about this prize. Whilst I really enjoy reading her blog and she has really cool giveaways I was not very impressed with the prize itself. I get the gimmic…post the cake through the letterbox. Unfortunately the cake itself is tiny (they didn’t send the flavor I asked for), there’s virtually no buttercream and when you cut the cake it sticks to the board and it was very dry. On a positive note, I loved the tin it came in. It was very secure and my kids loved it. Also a positive point: the designs are gorgeous and it came with some birthday candles.

April 2017 Prize Unboxing

Lifetime supply of coffee from CafeDirect with One Big Tweet on Twitter.

This was a strange one. I had to pledge my twitter followers to One Big Tweet on Twitter. When I got the DM on Twitter I literally howled in joy. I love coffee….seriously, I really do. Absolutely dream prize for me, love it. This will be featured in my monthly prize unboxing posts from now on as it’s a prize that will last for….WAIT FOR IT….40 years….that’s right, 40 glorious years.

The cause itself is amazing. Here’s what the website says:

Just a 100% safe Retweet for a REALLY GREAT cause!

Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation want to grow a tweet so big we can auction it for African farmers. We‘re calling it #OneBigTweet.

By signing up, you’re allowing us to auto-retweet our #OneBigTweet from your account for one time only.

We don’t want to screw up anyone’s carefully curated collection of cat videos, therefore we can guarantee the tweet will be auctioned to a bidder that shares our values, and 100% safe for your Gran to read.

It’s so simple and it’s for -a good case. Pledge your followers HERE!!

April 2017 Prize Unboxing

Koh-I-Noor Pencil bundle with Executive Pens Direct.

This is the last prize that arrived this month. I only won it on last Monday. And it’s amazing. I’m a pen hoarder and I’m not ashamed to admit it lol. I love pens and pencils and the bundle is filled with such quality. I’m still doing my happy dance 😀 heheee

April 2017 Prize Unboxing

And that’s it. I did win a few other prizes (extremely awesome ones) but they didn’t arrive in time for this post so  you’re just going to have to wait until next month to see what they are heheee. I’m such a tease! It’s worth the wait though, I promise 😉

What is the BEST prize you’ve ever won?



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  1. Lovely wins Sirely, looking forward to reading your post each month. Love the idea of only blogging about the prizes that have arrived, I might switch my winning blog posts up too!

    1. Sirley

      Thank you 🙂 I love comping 😀 I love reading about your wins every month too 🙂

  2. Kirsten Barthy

    A holiday at Bluestone

    1. Sirley

      That’s fab 🙂 I generally avoid holiday comps at the moment but only because I’ve got two small kids. I’d love to win a trip to Disney World though 🙂

  3. Ann Sandover

    Hi Sirley,
    I enjoyed your prize list and then went on to read your blog. I admit I haven’t read it all but just bits and pieces at the moment. I particularly liked the onion skin eggs as it brought back memories of when my mum used to do these. I couldn’t remember how to do them! I had mentioned it to my husband only a few weeks ago. I am a crafter, artist of sorts and a comper too.
    Good luck with you interesting blog!
    I look forward to reading it more.

    1. Sirley

      Thank you so much 🙂 I had a vague memory of my mum doing the onion peels when I was smaller (now a days she uses dye tablets) and I had to do a bit of research and ask her how she used to do it but luckily for me lots of people still use this method 🙂

  4. Deb

    I’m a comping new of a few months. My best prize was from a local paper: designer glasses and lenses from spec savers and I won it twice in April. I can’t believe it. Well done on your great haul!

    1. Sirley

      Well done 🙂 I’m struggling with finding local competitions, guess I need to try harder 🙂

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