About Me


My name is Sirley. I’m an Estonian living in Yorkshire with my husband and two toddlers. My husband Adrian is originally from here but we actually met in Estonia 5 years ago. After our son Oliver was born we made the decision to move to England. Two years later we welcomed Elli.

I love coffee, planning, comping and DIY crafts. I created this blog for a creative outlet, to provide mums like myself with ideas on how to craft for your home and with your kids and how to organise your house despite your kids destroying everything in their wake 😀

My love for crafting is something I want to pass onto my kids. The skill of making something with your own hands is very valuable and I hope my future DIY posts help other mums with creative ideas as well.

I’ll also be blogging about our life in general, new toys (husband can’t seem to say no to the kids), other exciting things we try out in this household and as a comper myself I’m hoping to have exciting giveaways on my blog very soon.