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10 signs that you’re a crafty mum + GIVEAWAY

We moved into our new house at the beginning of May and I’ve just now started to start out my crafting/planning space. I’ve got so many bits and pieces that I don’t know where to begin. Do I really need a box full of washi tape, a gift wrapping station, every imaginable knitting needle out there or those old jeans that have a rip in the crotch….yeah, I’m “that mum”. I hoard supplies. In my defence, I can use denim from my crotchless jeans…for something. No idea for what YET! But one day I will need denim and I will have it.

10 Signs you're a crafty mum

Are you a crafty mamma? Do you hoard supplies, ready with your glue gun to whip up an impromptu craft project on a moments notice…find out here!

Also, scroll down to the bottom of the post for my yarn giveaway!

1. You have an extensive yarn/knitting needle/paper/felt collection.

You get the idea. Whatever craft you’re into you’ve got the supplies. I have large supply of yarn and knitting needles, felt, paper, buttons, popsicle sticks. I love to be prepared when my son wants to craft or when I get inspiration for a DIY project. There is a downside though, I can’t seem to find things. I need a better organising system. Ideas?

10 Signs you're a crafty mum

2. You own or dream about owning a Silhouette Cameo/ Cricut/Sizzix Big Shot machine.

I’m currently saving up for a Silhouette Cameo 3. Think of all the jar labels I could cut with it…no kidding. I’m eager to start some new projects with it. TIP! If you’re like me, saving for a Silhouette, you can actually download the Silhouette Studio free and practise your designs 😉

3. Your idea of a day out is browsing at a craft store.

Oh how I love to check out new craft supplies. I don’t even have to by anything, the 10 minutes on my own is bliss on it’s own.

4. You have Pinterest boards dedicated to those awesome DIY projects you’re DEFINITELY…maybe…going to make when you get some spare time.

I pin left and right and I honestly wish I had the time to make everything but in all honesty I’d rather sleep.

5. You get excited when your kids nursery or school asks you to participate in some sort of a charity event.

YESS! You have a legitimate reason for crafting and neglecting your housework. Last year I knitted 150 mini Christmas puddings to raise money for my son’s nursery. Not a difficult project but by the end of it I didn’t want to see another Christmas pudding…EVER! I do enjoy crafting for charities though, just have to learn to pace myself with these projects.

6. You tackle a project that’s supposed to be cheap but end up paying more for the supplies than it would have cost you to buy the original.

Guilty as charged, many times over. It’s just that there’s something very satisfying making something with your own hands. I do wish craft supplies were slightly cheaper though. I remember when I was making a quit book for my son and I signed u for fabric samples and things and the postman said that I got more mail in a week than the whole street combined…cringe.

7. You’re able to throw together an emergency birthday or Christmas present in a pinch.

I’m horrible with birthdays and I usually end up baking a cake or knitting something.

8. You get inspiration from anywhere really.

You walk around an ideas just pop into your mind.

10 Signs you're a crafty mum

9. You’re always eager to try new crafts and your go-to resource is YouTube.

I remember being a small child and I really wanted to learn how to make different crochet stitches so I borrowed a book from the library and I taught myself. Now I can read crochet charts like no other. These days I forgo the library and simply look it up on YouTube. There are instructions for anything and everything there and it’s simple to follow someone’s videos.

10. You’ve got restless fingers.

I cannot just sit still.I have to be doing something. Whether I’m knitting something or planning in my planner, when I’m being creative it actually relaxes me.

There you have it! I’m a crafty person and a crafty mum and I love it. And in the spirit of all things crafts I have a small giveaway.

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  1. Tracy Nixon

    Oh yes! I do tapestry, cross stitch, sewing, drawing and felting in my spare time so I am always making and creating for my kids, my family and our home. I also love to do arts and crafts with my two girls and two boys too and glad they seem to take after me for their love of art!

    1. Sirley

      I’ve done sewing, cross stitch and felting 🙂 I’ve got no talent for drawing sadly and I’ve never tried tapestry but what a fun project to have 🙂

  2. Clare Hubbard

    I love knitting and crochet, find crochet so relaxing… when it’s going right!

    1. Sirley

      I love knitting and crocheting as well 🙂 I have a short attention span though so my projects have to be manageable on a quick time scale 🙂 I think I’ve ever knitted like one sweater and it wasn’t that good heheee

  3. Amy Fidler

    Yes,i love to Knit x

    1. Sirley

      Me too 🙂 though I’m horrible with my knitting needles. I really need to organise them, I even got a gauge off eBay but so far I’ve yet to get into it 😀

  4. Harline parkin

    Yes I love knitting and crochet

    1. Sirley

      Me too 🙂

  5. jennie kerley

    now a grandmother I am teaching my 8 year old granddaughter some of my crafts , so far she can knit and crochet an make lovely cards ,it is such fun teaching her

    1. Sirley

      I remember getting my first crochet hook when I was 4 years old, I would crochet chain all day long 🙂 it’s very I,portent to teach those skills early on to guarantee a lifelong love for making things yourself 🙂

  6. Alica

    My adult daughter is the crafter now, my medical conditions have stopped me from crafting but she has taken the reign! I would love to win for her 🙂 Thanks for the chance x

    1. Sirley

      Good luck in the giveaway 🙂 it’s nice that you’re passing on your love for crafting. I hope to do that for my kids 🙂

  7. Tony Metcalfe

    I occasionally make cards.

    1. Sirley

      Fab 🙂 I’m hoping to step up my card making game when I’ve saved enough to buy a Silhouette cutting machine 🙂

  8. Heather Haigh

    I love to knit and crochet and I’ve just started sewing. I also have a knitting loom that my daughter bought me that I’m wanting to try out – just ordered a hook. Knitting a tunic on circs and a hat using magic loop atm.

    1. Sirley

      Love,love,love finding new ways to do old hobbies 🙂 how do you find sewing?

  9. Kathryn Hipkin

    I try to knit a little but I’m not very good at it; I can basically knit a line and that’s it. Wish I was better but I am concentrating on my piano playing at the moment (and trying to get rid of this awful cough which is preventing me doing lots of things!)

    1. Sirley

      What a skill to have 🙂 I’m very jealous 🙂 have you tried crocheting? That’s a bit easier than knitting.

  10. Angie McDonald

    I’m a very crafty person! I love making my own cards, i love baking and i also love to draw

    1. Sirley

      I also love to bake. What’s your signature bake 😀

  11. Nina C

    Love to knit, cross stitch, sew, trying to learn to crochet and will have a go at anything crafty 🙂

    1. Sirley

      Love it 🙂

  12. Sandra Fortune

    Hi I love crafting, crochet,knitting, jewellery making ,painting, drawing . Done lots of designing my own Romany Bling baby hats. Now having a rest from that and into making jewellery.

    1. Sirley

      It’s always nice learning something new isn’t it 🙂

  13. Meryl Thomas

    I love knitting, sewing and generally all types of crafting

    1. Sirley

      Yay, me too 🙂 Good luck in the giveaway 🙂

  14. Ruth Harwood

    yes, with the kids mostly, but I try my hand at more difficult things when they’re in bed xx

    1. Sirley

      Same here. I’m currently saving up for a Silhouette Cameo 3 and I’ve got no idea where I’m going to find the free time to play around with it 😀

  15. jo liddement

    I love knitting,needle felting,tapestry,glass painting and soap and candle making and always have a project on the go.

    1. Sirley

      I’m intrigued by the soap making 🙂 I want to try one day, it’s definitely on my list.

  16. Alison Johnson

    Mainly cross-stitch at the moment but I can & do knit when the mood takes me.

    1. Sirley

      I used to cross stitch too 🙂

  17. Deborah Mackenzie

    I crochet and sew; but also love doing odd bits like fabric painting with pens.

    1. Sirley

      That’s interesting. I’ve never tried that before. I’m looking to maybe try some screen printing in the future 🙂

  18. Danielle Spencer

    I love crafting, I like to try many crafts but have always loved card making and jewellery making in particular.

    1. Sirley

      I used to make earrings for myself but my ears can’t stand anything but gold now so I’ve stopped, but it was fun.

  19. charlotte

    ive have started crocheting lately, although used to do cross stitch cards

    1. Sirley

      Crocheting is lots of fun, once you get past the basics it’s cool to learn new stitches 🙂

  20. i like to cross stitch

  21. Maria Blythin

    i like making homemade cards x

  22. Karen Richards

    Do some card making but would love to be able to knit and crochet.

  23. yes, i love crochet and also making pom pom monster, which I actually sell on etsy

  24. Tracy Gladman

    I like to do lots of different crafts when I get time – sewing, knitting, card making.

  25. Keri Jones

    I love to craft especially with my son. We make cards, seasonal decorations and do lots of junk modelling. I love to scrapbook and make cards on my own too x

  26. Anthea Holloway

    I love knitting and make many things including socks and cotton dishcloths.

  27. Niki Marie Wardle

    I have phases with different crafts, mostly knitting and crochet but we have a ball at Xmas, making all sorts of decorations and wreaths with my trusty glue gun and foragings from our local woody area.

  28. Leila Benhamida

    Yes sewing. I enjoy making kids clothes.

  29. I love most crafts and never have enough time for all the projects I want to do. I’m actually looking forward to the 5 hour trip tomorrow to visit our daughter and granddaughter, as my husband will be driving and so I can crochet all the way there and back again.

  30. Joanna Phillimore

    I have tried most crafts, but I always go back to crochet.

  31. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Definitely – love making my own cards and also rooting about in charity shops for anything that might catch my eye. My great-niece loved making “mini-me” when I found some people shaped card for her to play with too.

  32. lynn neal

    I enjoy sewing and making miniatures!

  33. I love crafts! The kids love getting creative too. I could make some nice pom pom crafts with this lovely bundle 🙂

  34. I sew and knit and amend everything.

  35. frances hopkins

    I crochet and knit

  36. Rachael Sexey

    I love to knit

  37. Natalie Crossan

    Yes I make birthday cards xxx

  38. Adrian Bold

    I sometimes makes cards with the kids.

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